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Learning Soul

I wouldnt have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. My daughter got sick last month, she was having too much coughing and high fever which was not coming down with medicines and she couldnt sleep for 4 days and night.

I called doc on 3rd day and got appointment for after 1 day so on the 5th day we took her to doctors. After examining her doctor said she is quite close to having pneumonia, her chest was quite congested hence she was having high fever. So she prescribed antibiotic and gave her a shot of antibiotic also.

Anyways after coming back I was chatting to Kahu and told him that I am worried about my daughter that she has been coughing a lot and running high fever. Kahu immediately got ready to help me out with her and although I dont exactly know what did he do but almost instantly I noticed that my daughters condition got better after that.

Some of you must be thinking that it could be antibiotics that has worked but I have never seen her improving sooo quickly with antibiotics. Same day my head was aching also may be because of the worries and lack of sleep.

I told Kahu about my headache also and he taught me a technique that helped me instantly too and he asked me to use the same technique for my daughter to clear her congestion more and I felt improvement in her condition through the night too and we could finally sleep on the 5th night. I can't thank Kahu enough for his instant help. Thank you Kahu.


Kahu’s distant healing is nothing short of miraculous. Imagine having searing, piercing pains from the shoulder to the elbow with zero flexibility. I could barely reach with my right arm, and because I’m right-handed, the pain and stiffness crippled me. After Graeme’s distant Lomi Lomi, I can reach back and up. The sharp stabbing pains are gone. This really blows my mind because I’m across the planet in Northeastern United States while he’s in New Zealand. I’m truly grateful and stunned by the quickness of relief and the steady improvement thereafter. The Huna treatment created a priceless increase in my mobility. Thanks Kahu!


Kahu did what he described as a form of psychic surgery on my left knee. I had been having issues with it for several years. I am in Florida and he was in New Zealand. Within minutes the pain went away. This was several months ago and my knee has been strong ever since.