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Huna Services

Workshops provided by Aloha International

Aloha New Zealand is part of the Aloha International Ohana and
is providing a full range of workshops and services in New Zealand
and internationally.

Please inquire via email for workshops in your area. These can be arranged on request.

Services include land blessings and weddings.
Counselling based on Ho'oponopono (Sessions can be done via email or Skype)
Lomi Lomi Nui Bodywork
Shaman Healing using Kahi Loa and other energy and physical therapies
Training and private sessions using Dynamind Technique

Huna Workshops & Lectures

Huna and Personal Development Workshops will be scheduled on request.

Weekly free Huna Discussion with Serge Kahili King.
Every Wednesday morning at 8AM Hawaiian Standard Time
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Residential trainings for individuals or small groups (2-3 people) run over several weeks.

Please email for details

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