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Huna International

by by Susan Pa’iniu Floyd

For over two years humanity has been faced with very new experiences. New could be good, new could be not so good, depending on our beliefs. Even if we are able to see the good in our present moments, too much of a good thing could bring us to another need for change. This has been my personal experience over the last two years. Not being able to travel, I began to really enjoy the extra time with my cats, my home, my island friends and my garden. And enjoy and enjoy and enjoy! Then this February I was blessed with a group that came from Poland to take a Kino Mana teacher training. We had a fabulous time together in class and adventuring around the island. My Ku was reminded of the pleasure I have whenever, where ever I teach. And it’s exactly that pleasure that motivates the Ku.

Right around this time I received inquiries from several different countries for me to come teach. Will the travel doors be open for an unvaxxed, non-tested traveler? That is the focus for my daily shaman manifesting practices (Haipule). In June, I was able to travel to Kauai to finally be with our Hula Halau and all my hula sisters. It was a fantastic time (not only chanting and dancing, but also sharing food and stories, hiking up Makaleha stream to get pure drinking water, visiting our friend Ed in Anahola, and greeting the sun with chants and Kalana Hula at Kealia beach) and again, it reinforced my Ku’s memory of the pleasure of traveling and being with friends. Cats are wonderful ...and so are humans!

During these last two years, in addition to appreciating the present moments at home, I was able to do a lot of reading and listening to online podcasts about the ongoing medical and political crisis. I quickly discovered that many people have strongly different opinions on these topics and it was often better to keep my thoughts to myself. What I did discover that was important for me as a shaman was how much more corruption and evil was happening on our planet than I was aware of. At first this brought up anger, then sadness and now insight. Knowing that emotions like fear, anger, and sadness can be destructive to our health if we hold on to them, I quickly refocused. Got pretty good at that. Now the question came, would I stop researching? Would I go about my life only enjoying this present moment. No and no. I remembered how, long ago, Serge answered a student’s question about all the bad stuff in the newspapers. He said some people don’t read newspapers at all. And that’s ok. Some people only read the good stuff. And that’s ok. And he choose to read it all and do shaman healing for the stuff that could use some good healing energy. We are all connected and we do have influence.

Because I feel a need to be the most effective me I can be, I have decided not to only help what problems come to my attention, but to actually seek them out. What do I mean by that? I call for any forces of evil that might be harming me, my family, my friends or my world to come meet me and then, in the unseen realm, I send them clear to another universe (if they won’t be persuaded to change their evil ways of course). In my world, good has infinitely more power than evil, so this is no problem. And I end up feeling like I make a difference.

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