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From Lack To Prosperirty
by Serge Kahili King

So many people have requested information on how to move away from financial lack and toward greater prosperity that I have written this article on tips and techniques that will work for most people most of the time. It won’t cover everything, but it should give you some ideas to work with. To do this we will cover physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the problem.

Physical Aspects
Shamanic techniques for increasing prosperity include practical work at the physical level. There is no point in doing emotional or mental work if the physical level isn't being taken care of. First, it is important to provide opportunities for new wealth to flow into your life. This might mean improving your salable skills, taking on a second job, turning a hobby into an additional income provider, or entering every sweepstakes you can find. Second, do what most other prosperous people do: put aside a portion of any amount of money you receive, no matter how small, into a savings or investment fund (even a piggy bank). Ten percent is standard, but don't be bound by that.

Emotional Aspects
Fear is the number one emotional factor that gets in the way of prosperity. There are a multitude of possible reasons for fear, but they all come down to negative expectation of some sort. The antidote is to fill your mind with statements and images that represent positive expectations until you have an optimistic habit. Pessimism isn't bad or wrong; it just isn't effective for increasing personal prosperity (unless you get paid for gloomy forecasts). And don't assume that you are already optimistic enough. Pessimism can be very subtle. To saturate your mind with optimistic thoughts is not easy, so you may feel a lot of internal resistance and even outright stress at first. An additional powerful exercise is to practice focusing on the pleasurable benefits that more money will provide.

Mental Aspects
In modern society, not surprisingly, financial worth is often equated with self worth, both consciously and subconsciously. So the more appreciation you have for yourself and the more value you give to yourself and your skills, the more money will come to you. Most people with financial lack also have low self esteem. To build your self esteem (or self worth) you can do what I call "saturation praise," which is to mentally praise and compliment everything good about yourself as much as you can, as often as you can. Also, it is very important that you do not criticize money itself or the wealth that other people have. Your subconscious will avoid prosperity vigorously if you do not have a good relationship with money.

Spiritual Aspects
First, whether you are receiving money for a job, a product, a service, or even a gamble, the attitude and practice of doing it to benefit someone or something else in addition to yourself has the effect of getting money to flow more freely. Second, there is more power in cooperation, so join with others either in making money or in helping each other to program (affirm, visualize, etc.) for prosperity. And third, remember to call upon Spirit by whatever name to help you, and trust that the help will come.

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