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How To Heal A Situation
by Serge Kahili King


This will be an unusual article, because it’s taken from the recorded text of a Huna Discussion meeting in the virtual world of Second Life that took place some years ago when I used to do lectures there.

Second Life is an enormous virtual world where Aloha International has had a presence since shortly after it first began. Members use “Avatars” (digital simulations of themselves) to interact with the world and the people in it. At that time we met in a digital lecture hall on a digital island leased by Aloha International. Our conversations are by text chat.

This record starts just after I had told a legend about the famous Maui and his failed attempt to bring all the islands together. My Avatar Name was and is “Kahili Writer.”

Kahili Writer: “The story was saying that the way to heal a situation is to hold fast to your purpose no matter what. But how to do that? I'll give a short modern story to illustrate. Some years ago I participated in producing a self esteem video for the Department of Education in Hawaii. It was intended for high school students. My part was a section of a workshop I did, but the best part was something else.”

Suddenly Kahili Writer loses his internet connection. He returns after a short while using someone else's avatar.

Heinani Huet: “Hi there, This is Kahili using Heinani's avatar. So, let's continue. When I was watching the video... I saw a young girl dancing the hula with several other girls. The view was from the waist up and they were all very graceful. But then the camera pulled back... and the girl in the center only had one leg! She was just as graceful as the others, even with that problem. Imagine the persistence, the perseverance that must have taken.

So how did she go through all the pain and suffering to learn that balance? The answer is simple, but the process is not easy. She did it because of her love for the hula. In other words, she has a love for something that was so strong it pulled her through the trials and disappointments, and effort. The same applies to anything important we want to accomplish in life. What keeps us going is our love for something that is more important than anything else. Otherwise, we get distracted like the Maui brothers did, or we lose interest, or we decide it's too hard. Questions or comments?”

Avatar IT comments: “As the Beatles sang: ‘All you need is love.’”

Avatar KA asks: “When we are getting to the point of deciding it's too hard is there a way to turn that around again?”

Kahili as Heinani: “Yes, that's when you focus on why you are doing what you are doing. What the reason or the motivation. It's as important as you decide it is.”

Avatar IT asks: “So you need to remind yourself of your aims regularly?”

Heinani Huet: “Absolutely, whether you are climbing a mountain, learning a skill, or healing yourself.

Avatar KA asks: “What do you do when you just can't think of a motivation?”

Heinani Huet: “Then you must find something ... or MAKE something... very important. It won't come from outside of you.”

Avatar KA comments: “Perhaps it could be ‘what have I got to lose?’”

Avatar LW comments: “That's a sort of negative.”

Avatar KA replies: “Better than none. Some people get so negative that they just can't be positive, so even a negative motivation is a start.”

Avatar LW says: You could also say, "What have I got to win!"

Avatar MJ says: “Or ‘I wonder what will happen?’"

Avatar BB suggests: “Or ‘It will be a new experience.’ That is my motivation for getting up every day.”

Avatar MJ says: “Curiosity gets me going when all else seems ridiculous.”

Avatar IT says: “I love new days. You never know how they'll turn out or what you will have learned by the end of them. Perhaps you could put down the reason why you start something and go back and look at it every so often?”

Avatar BQ says: “I like that idea, IT.”

Heinani Huet: “I did that when I first got the idea for Aloha International. There were lots of times when I thought of letting it go, but I kept reminding myself of the reasons for doing it.”

Avatar BQ says: “I have a really hard time with being scattered because I have too many ways to go. And also, my motivating factor doesn't seem to exist because the desired outcome is unattainable.”

Heinani Huet: “Unattainable is just a word. How do you know unless you try? and persist in trying.”

Avatar BB says: “When you feel scattered, that's when u have to get very quiet and calm, meditate, and ask urself, What is the VERY NEXT STEP? So u can focus on that and not be overwhelmed by the bigger picture.”

Avatar IT says: “The 1000 mile journey starts with the first step. Break down the goal into smaller steps ... and then review them periodically and you'll see how far you've come.”

Avatar BB says: “Also it helps to repeat ‘anything is possible’ many times a day.”

Avatar IT says: “And perhaps you need to simply re-frame it. Looking at it in another light might make it much more attainable.”

Avatar MD says: “Fear can hold you back.”

Heinani Huet: “Yes, fear can make you feel like stopping. So what? Fear cannot really hold you back. Just because something is hard, that doesn't mean it can't be done.”

Avatar LW says: “Everything is hard the first time we try.”

Heinani Huet: “And sometimes it gets harder. So what? How important is it? If nothing is important enough to try harder at, then nothing gets done.”

Avatar PL says: “Yes! I like that one.”

Avatar KA says:” Look for role models - people who have attained it.”

Avatar BB says: “Remember, sometimes evolution LEAPS forward... If you think it is unattainable, then perhaps u r thinking too little of urself.”

Heinani Huet: “Self esteem is a factor. Sometimes that's the best first thing to work on. The better you feel about yourself, the easier it is to try something difficult.”

Avatar MJ says: “If we didn't try difficult things, we'd never learn to walk or talk.”

Avatar LW says: “Remind your ku of the benefits. We can learn to view fear as a reminder to change our thinking.”

Avatar IT says: “Beliefs are like habits, you can change them. Just get some new ones.”

Heinani Huet: “Right! Beliefs ARE habits.”

Avatar MD says: “Changing beliefs can be challenging.”

Heinani Huet: “Yes, it can. So what?”

Avatar MD says: “The question is: how do I do it?”

Heinani Huet: “A good thing to learn is not to be afraid of fear.”

Avatar IT says: “Try replacing a habit with a different one. if that works, do it with beliefs.”

Avatar BB says: practice is what it takes; repeatedly visualizing the goal as attainable for you.

Avatar IT says: “Look at a plant, how amazingly strong it is when it breaks through the dirt.”

Avatar MJ says: “You could practice on something that seems impossible to believe and see what that brings up.”

Heinani Huet: “Heinani and I thank you for your presence and participation. Kahili must go now. Aloha to all.”

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