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The One Inch Belief
by Graeme Kapono Urlich

The One Inch Belief was created by Serge Kahili King and it is named after a martial arts technique called the one inch punch made famous by Bruce Lee. The idea was to focus all of his power into a one inch movement that could break boards and knock opponents off their feet despite his small stature.

After seeing this Serge wondered what would happen if he focused all of his attention into a single belief. What he found was that the process was deeply relaxing and powerfully centring. It can be used very effectively to get back to the present moment and calm the mind and body down from stress from fear, anger and feelings of helplessness we can get into in response to thing in our lives.

The technique involves finding a phrase, about five words or less, that we can use as an affirmation. It needs to be a belief that we are absolutely certain of that is positive, or at least neutral, that we can focus all of our attention on for a time. Even one minute fully focused on this single idea can be deeply relaxing and allow us to make better decisions about the source of our stress.

It can take some intuition and testing to find such a belief. Affirmations are generally used to change a belief and this usually involves a level of resistance to the change. The resistance will cause a build-up of the stress we are trying to release so this technique is a very effective adjunct to any change work being done.

The phrase I use most is “the sun is hot.” When I tested it I found I started to relax. If there had been resistance to it I would have felt tensing in my body. Some people use “the sky is blue” or “love is good”. The last one can cause tension for some people if they have negative beliefs about love so it is important to check out a few options. It’s important that it is not something vague as well. An idea that our ku finds vague will generally cause no noticeable reaction.

If for example someone tried to use “love is good”, which is a very effective belief to have, and got resistance, they could use the belief they find that relaxes them to help change the belief about love. If I said “love is good” and got tension, I could use “the sun is hot” to release the tension and then say “love is good” again, feel the tension and then release it again. Each time around the tension would be less, indicating that the belief was changing. This is similar to the technique TFR (think, feel, relax) that is used to change the physical reaction to ideas.

Using the one inch belief for even a minute can have a very calming effect. Building up to a few minutes and doing it often will start to have profound effects. It develops the habit of being in the present moment, the moment of our greatest power. It also develops the habit of feeling certain which greatly improves confidence.

There is no fear or anger when we are fully in the present moment and we are free to make better decisions about changes we want to make in life. We have more clear vision and access to inspiration from Aumakua and more awareness of ku patterns we may want to enhance or change.

This is the go to technique for me when I get into a state of stress and it is usually the first I share with people struggling with helplessness and anger. It can be challenging at first but with perseverance it opens the door to using techniques more specific to your desires.

I try to remember to do it a few times a day even when I am not specifically stressed about anything and I use it as a tool to help develop better focus. At first it may work as a distraction from the source of stress but as the skill of focus develops profound changes will start to develop.

Graeme Kapono Urlich (May 2020)

Aloha New Zealand - School of Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism

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