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The Highest Good
by Graeme Kapono Urlich

I often see and hear affirmations being used that refer to “highest good” or “best outcome” as though some outside power or authority knows what that is. In Huna understanding this is simply the best thing we can currently accept in our lives.

When we talk about manifesting in Huna we often refer to what is called “the sphere of availability”. One meaning of this is that things we want may not exist yet. A few years ago I wanted a car with a specific set of features but as hard as I searched, seeking is one of the principles of manifesting, I could not find one with this specification.

After a year of searching finally a new model was released. It wasn’t perfect but it had the combination of features I was looking for. My manifesting, in this case, was only delayed while waiting for someone to design and build it. My persistence in continuing to look and trust paid off. In Huna thinking we accept my searching potentially influenced the design process.

Another aspect of the “sphere of availability” is to what degree we are prepared to accept the things we want into our lives. Some prayers seem to go “God I know I don’t deserve it but could you provide…”. Conflicting beliefs about what we want delay the manifestation. “I want more money but money is evil and I don’t want to be seen as greedy” for example.

Terms like “highest good” are very vague. Successful manifesting requires a strong focus on what we want. Vague terms and limiting ideas provide very little focus. The power of words and techniques in manifesting is in their ability to clearly focus our attention on what we want to manifest long enough for us to sort out the beliefs and bring about the manifestation.

In Huna the sixth principle says all power comes from within. It is up to us to choose, define and focus on what we want in life with enough determination, balanced by flexibility, to get more and more of what we want in life. We acknowledge that there is more to us than just our physical, conscious, selves but it does not work well when we abdicate responsibility for our choices to an outside authority. This is the role of the conscious mind.

If we seek more money then we need to decide how much, we need to think about what that looks like and feels like. We need to develop the skills necessary to handle more money and prepare for it. We can’t just sit back and wait and decide “Oh it must be for my highest good that I am not getting this.” We need to program it to be our highest good.

If we want a more harmonious world we need to start doing the things we have available now to increase harmony in any area we can no matter how small it seems. Meditations on “the highest good” for the planet feel good, and that in itself is helpful, but if that is all you do, little will change for you.

Graeme Kapono Urlich (November 2020)

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