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by Graeme Kapono Urlich

In Huna we have a saying, EWOP. It is an acronym meaning “Everything is working out perfectly.” We use it when we have done everything we can see to do to manifest changes that we want to make. The purpose is to remind ourselves that there is more to us than our conscious, physical parts that we are most aware of, we don’t have to do it all ourselves.

In using this we are turning matters over to our Ku (subconscious or body mind) and Aumakua (higher self or spiritual mind). We do this in the awareness that the conscious mind isn’t designed to be aware of everything all of the time. If that were so, we would not really be able to have meaningful experience. Ku and Aumakua are the parts that have full awareness of the people, sources of knowledge and circumstances that will aid us in our purpose.

It is important to realise that we are not expecting Aumakua to do things for us, we don't do this in the expectation that everything will magically be organised for us. This can seem to happen sometimes but it is rare. Overnight success usually has a lot of effort and growth behind it

We need to remember that we need to keep a focus on what we are intending to manifest and keep doing the things that we can see to do that contribute to the fulfilment of the goal. It’s not like we can sit down in front of the telly and wait for the door-bell to ring. As a good friend often says, if we want to change something in our lives we have to change something in our lives.

What the process does is release tension and allow ku, the subconscious to call up the patterns it knows that will help bring our goal to fruition and allow inspiration from Aumakua to flow through more easily into conscious awareness so we can create new behaviour patterns that support the achievement of our goals and to change adverse behaviours that get in the way.

If it is not something we have real experience with, trying to work out how to do everything logically at a conscious level produces a lot of tension that blocks the flow of inspiration and access to memory patterns to enhance or change to boost effectiveness in the way we want to move.

Because the conscious mind, lono, can’t be fully aware of everything, we can expect surprises. Things often don’t work out exactly as we have seen them but if we do enough work on creating positive expectation around the goals we have, the better things turn out, often way better than we could have imagined when we started out on our quest.

Alongside EWOP we say “Bless the present. Trust yourself and expect the best.” We celebrate the good thing about the present, trust our innate goodness and keep refining our thoughts and images of the future to be as good as we can, all the while doing the things we can see to do, while being flexible so we respond to the inspirations that come through and allowing change, to bring about achievement of our goals.

Graeme Kapono Urlich (May 2020)

Aloha New Zealand - School of Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism

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