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Reactivating the Shaman Hui
by Susan Pa'inui Floyd

With all the many intense recent global challenges faced by humanity, whether natural disasters or human conflicts, what can a shaman healer do to help? We are trained to know the power of one mind with lots of energy and no doubts. We know we make a difference. And yet, is there a way we can be more effective? I remember years ago at an advanced shaman training, Serge started up seven societies designed to organize shaman healers into groups with strong passions for healing certain aspects of global conflict. Because communication was slower in those days, the focus eventually dwindled. Now with the WWW and emails being free and fast, it seems like the perfect time to reorganize and refocus. Besides, the earth and all who live here need a lot of help. We can provide a lot more healing energy together, and we can help to move into a state of greater harmony like preventive medicine, if we keep a regular focus of appreciation of all these aspects of life.

I am suggesting the same seven societies (also called hui) as Serge discusses in Urban Shaman. And I quote:

"A hui is any kind of organization for working, playing or joining together, like a company, partnership, club, association, society, or network. Aloha International has seven different hui, shaman societies or networks, whose members work together on projects of global interest even though they live far apart. Certainly you don't have to belong to a shaman hui to do that. You could join any organization working on global problems on first level and simply add your second level skills to their work. But a description of these hui and their areas of activity may help you form your own or give you ideas for where you can put your skills to good use.

1. The Wave Hui: One of the projects of this hui is assisting the spotted and spinner dolphins, which are at risk of drowning in nets used to catch yellowfin tuna. Because the tuna swim under the dolphins, fishermen capture the dolphins to get the tuna. Shaman are working on this using intuitive communication, grokking and dream-change either to teach the dolphins how to jump or escape the nets or to teach the dolphins and tuna not to swim together. This hui works as well with the whales and other marine mammals and with such things as tidal waves and ocean pollution. If a process solution isn't clear in a given situation (like separating the tuna and dolphins) then the shaman focus on end results (e.g., an oil spill disappearing). Because of the way second level reality operates, shamans focusing on a positive end result are indirectly energizing ongoing solutions and inspiring new ones among those who are physically involved. Contributing funds to organizations whose work you believe in is good, and contributing focused thought is just as good or better.

2. The Crystal Hui: This hui works with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, soil renewal and the location and use of mineral resourses. The kind of work that can be done with earthquakes and volcanoes has been previously discussed. Soil renewal is an exciting field because ways and means already exist to help turn dead clay into living loam, and shaman focus can help spread that to more of the world. The location of new resources and more effective and efficient use of existing resources - including everything from coal to crystals - can be of world wide benefit. Shamans can use intuition, grokking, and dreaming for these endeavors, as well as other shaman skills that may be the subject of a later book, such as dowsing and radionics.

3. The Flame Hui: Not surprisingly, this hui works on fires: forest fires, oil fires, building fires and anything which threatens the human community or which has been caused by humans. It also works with auras, and in this the la'a kea is a major tool. As a hui, though, it works with communities rather than individuals. As an example, if a community is experiencing civil strife or despair, the members of this hui would tune into the aura of the community and work on harmonizing and changing its quality. Another area of shamanic action is the encouragement of solar energy, nuclear fusion and similar projects.

4. The Rainbow Hui: Weather is the domain of this hui. In the short term it helps to avoid or reduce the damage to human communities from hurricane, tornadoes, storms, and drought. In the long term, it will be involved in weather research and weather management. That takes a deeper kind of communication with the elements of weather in order to operate from a state of rapport and cooperation and not from an arrogant attempt at control. Someone seeking control tries to force the weather to do what he wants, while someone cooperating seeks to know and use the kinds of changes or mainenance that specific weather conditions enjoy. It is not inconceivable that members of this Hui or shamans working in this area could discover or help to inspire ways of storing and using the vast energies of winds and storms.

5. The Leaf Hui: Working on a broad scale, this hui concerns itself with plant (including tree) preservation, protection and propagation. Reforestation, the introduction of new plant species, and crop yields are other concerns. Also the healing of plants and by plants and the ways in which humans and plants can work more fruitfully together, each serving each other's needs.The study and practice of plant communication is a natural extension of the work of this Hui.

6. The Unicorn Hui: This one involves shamanic work with land and air animals, which includes birds, insects, and bacteria. Helping certain species to survive and flourish is a major concern, as is cooperation between humans and animals and animal communication. The oldest legends of most traditional societies tell of a time when humans and animals communicated easily with each other, and in many cases it was the animals who taught the humans about cooperation with each other and with the environment, as well as the deeper mysteries of life. As humans became more arrogant, the ability to communicate was lost. It has revived to a limited degree in scientific studies which observe animals in their natural habitat, but it has degenerated to a bottomless pit in the absolutely unnecessary, pseudoscientific experiments on animals that some people carry out. Animal communication is of the utmost importance to the well-being of the planet, as well as to human survival and spiritual growth. Shamanic methods and actions can be of tremendous help in this.

7. The Heart Hui: Human relationships with human beings are the responsibility of this hui. Using shaman techniques and knowledge to increase peace, harmony, and friendship between groups is what its members do. Also involved is research and the practice of shamanic healing of human mind and bodies. Yes, we must learn to love and cooperate with nature, but most of all we must learn to love and cooperate with ourselves. We have the knowledge and technology to create a Golden Age and at the same time we have the knowledge and technology to extinguish ourselves. No matter what we do, the earth will survive. Probably she will revive very quickly even if we devastate the surface, the way ferns shoot up shortly after molten lava and toxic gases wreak havoc during a volcanic eruption. But even if not, the earth can take millions of years if she has to. We can be a part of her destiny or we can fade or flash out. The destiny will go on. With all she gives, I think it is clear that the Earth loves us, but I don't think she loves us more than her other children, like the dolphins, the ants, and the trees. Still, I think that her love is so great that she will continue to love us no matter what we do. It is not the Earth who will ever turn against us. The danger only comes from us. As does the solution."

We will need volunteers to head up each society. This would mean being the receiver of calls for help and then notifying other members of the society to help with the shaman healing. From time to time it would be wonderful for Aloha International to receive activity reports from each society so we can post them on our website.

Of course, we will need members for each society, willing to keep a watchful eye on the news and other means of communication for the areas of disharmony and then to share this with the society's leader for disseminating to the whole group. Suggestions for how to focus healing energy could come from any member.

If this kind of concerted shaman healing is of interest to you, please contact me at and we'll get these societies reactivated for the healing of our planet! Mahalo A Nui Loa!

Copyright 2006 Aloha International

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