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by Susan Pa’iniu Floyd

I have been doing a huge amount of research into the current pandemic and what could be the best course of action, being a Hawaiian Shaman in it’s midst.

First I looked at IKE -THE WORLD IS WHAT I THINK IT IS. Well, at first look, I think the world is pretty crazy! I know what kind of world I want, but what kind of beliefs do I have operating at a Ku level that are effecting this present moment experience? What do I believe abut illness? About the body’s ability to heal itself?

Do I believe I can “catch” things from others? No, not really. Or I wouldn’t travel so much or teach my classes. I really believe my body can heal itself of anything if tension is released often. I teach this, practice it and really believe it!

OK, so I don’t have major illnesses and I don’t take any medications. I do eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. And I take vitamin D. But...

Sometimes, (actually 3 times in 2019) much to my surprise, I have experienced my throat becoming sore and it has led to histamine reactions in my sinuses. It felt somewhat like a cold. What do I do? Try not to beat myself up mentally, and then I drink lots of fluids, gargle with salt water, chew olena (turmeric), take garlic and lemon juice and rest and release all the mental and physical tension I can! Funny, there is never a fever or headache. Lucky me. It usually passes within a week.

So KALA - THERE ARE NO LIMITS. Except the ones we choose to experience or the ones we accept as truth from wherever. Right now, billions of people seem to be choosing limitations to their freedoms. I say seem, because of what I find reported in the “News”. Maybe most people also only volunteer to stay home, not working but making the best of a bad situation. And maybe most of us are getting ready to let go of this invisible yoke. I hope so.

MAKIA - ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES. In doing LOTS of online research, I am finding many different and many similar themes. Information is good to have, yet at some point when does one stop putting focus on the information. Is it good or bad? How is my body reacting? Yesterday, I watched an “expert” financial advisor talk about this being a much worse depression than the 1929-30 economic collapse. After about 20 minutes of hearing his supporting reasons I just had to quit. It was Not feeling good in my body. Am I putting my head in the sand? Maybe, but it sure feels better! And feeling better lends more energy to creating something better!

MANAWA - NOW IS THE MOMENT OF POWER. Our greatest power to create is when we are focused in this present moment. (Remember Makia). Envision a Utopia. Remember the good in the good old days. But don’t hang out there. Come back to this amazing present moment.

ALOHA - TO LOVE IS TO BE HAPPY WITH. And in this amazing present moment, be grateful for all that exists all around us. The more we care for, acknowledge, find beauty in all that is here, the more it grows in our life. This is so important. Aloha ka mea i ho’ola ai. Huhu ka mea i ho’ola ‘ole ai. Love, happiness is the thing that brings life. Anger is the thing that brings no life.

MANA - ALL POWER COMES FROM WITHIN. It may look like we have no power, no voice, no vote in what’s happening, but that’s only if we believe it. Everyone and everything has Mana. That’s the gift from Creator, free will. Let’s use it. Choose and be confident in that choice. Only our own doubt can topple the strong divine human beings that we are. My Mom’s Mom died in childbirth of her 8th child. Mom was 2. Her Dad shot himself (he was a NYC policeman) and died, Mom was 6, it was the spring of 1930. I guess he missed his wife and also was at a loss how to support his 7 children with no income in that Great Depression. I wish he had known about Huna. I might have been able to meet him in this life. Perhaps that is why I found Huna. To be able to change that memory of lost hope into positive expectations.

PONO - EFFECTIVENESS IS THE MEASURE OF TRUTH. This is the idea where we evaluate if a belief or course of action is working or not and if not, we let it go. What is the measure of our effectiveness? When we experience the health, the prosperity, the success and loving relationships that we want. Yesterday, I was brought to the edge of despair from that one economic prediction. Just for a short time. Until I decided to take back control of my present moment. Look at my beliefs. Be Happy. Expect the best. And today, I got an email that people on Kaua’i are holding a peaceful demonstration to their government that they want to go back to work, they want to sit on the beach to get much needed vitamin D, they want to hug their children. Without criticizing the orders, they are simply asking for a conscious change. Maybe we got to where we are because of those limitations, who knows.. Doesn’t matter, now they want the right to be human.

Susan Pa’iniu Floyd is the Director of Education of Aloha International

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