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by Susan Pa’iniu Floyd

I had two insights recently, maybe more, but these two are worth mentioning. The first is about trusting intuition and the second is about trusting intuition. I guess they aren't so different.

Insight 1

Two friends recently left this physical plane due to cancer. Maybe this is why I've been drawn to contemplate my beliefs about cancer and other serious illnesses. I keep coming back to IKE. What matters most to any individual's experience are our own beliefs as well as beliefs from the world around us that we may come to accept as true.

This is why, as much as I appreciate many of the good practices and intentions of the mainstream medical profession, I choose not to be tested for illnesses unless I am totally convinced that I can confidently listen to their version of what having those conditions means to me. The information alone might be useful, so a more focused effort of healing can begin, but am I confident enough to not be influenced by the possible expectations of pain, disfunction and maybe death?

Surely the body signals us all the time if there is disharmony. If we aren't listening, the signals get louder. Pain comes to get us to finally move in another direction (toward harmony). If we respond to pain with fear, and more tension, we are moving in the same direction (disharmony) and will get there even faster.

My advice to me: Listen to your own inner voice as long as it's uplifting (if not, it needs to be retaught). The body has God given powers of self healing, if we will take the time to ask and listen. Only be influenced by the empowering beliefs of others. Let anything else flow through and away from you. Sometimes it's easier not to ask, but in case you get unsolicited advice, be prepared to respond from a place of confidence. Rehearse this even in your mind so you can be ready!

Insight 2

Sometimes prayers can be answered unexpectedly. I have been wondering for a few months now why I am not stretching every morning and evening like I used to. At first I thought I needed a break, then I thought it was too cold. The longer I didn't do it, the harder I tried to make excuses for my behavior. You see, I consciously believe that this form of self massage, because of the ever increasing energy flow, is one answer to perfect health and also perfect manifesting. So why wouldn't I want to do it often, especially when it feels so good? So I tell myself "OK, don't waste time on why, just be happy you're teaching a class so you have to get back into the habit." Wonderful! I do it and energy abounds! And right after the class, I stop stretching again.

Yes, I tell myself, there's lots of stress from too much paperwork to do in too little time. A time when I need it the most. Well I won't add to the stress by being judgmental, I'll just get into the swing again when I go to Mexico. I'll bring my favorite music, no way to be stressed there, no phones, no mail, no to do files. Do I stretch? No, I lay in the sun, I go to the spa, I go shopping, even watch TV. Am I lazy? Why don¹t I use my shaman skills to change? Do I really know what I want?

Luckily, I'm traveling with the most wonderful people, Serge and Gloria King. They were so supportive of me being and doing what ever I wanted, I hardly had time or inclination to beat myself up. Then on the last morning, I woke up before sunrise and for the first time went out on the lanai and chanted E Ala E (wake up) to the sun and did Kalana Hula. (better late than never) During the Haipule I got the most powerful insight. I am not ready for more energy. I already have a lot of energy flowing. Any more and some core beliefs that I still haven't changed would receive enough energy to manifest. By my Ku's behavior (not doing things to greatly increase energy) and by this insight, I was getting a chance to change those beliefs without having to experience things I no longer wanted. If I had overridden Ku's intuition to slow down the energy, I would have lived out both my conscious desires and my unconscious beliefs, some of which were still not in harmony with each other.

I guess that last morning in Mexico, I was at such peace and appreciating the present moment so much, that I could finally get it. Ku had probably been telling me all along. But now is the moment of power and what a happy moment it is!

Susan Pa'iniu Floyd is an Alakai of Huna International and the Managing Director of Aloha International. She trains practitioners of Hawaiian massage and teachers of Huna, and teaches classes and courses on Huna, Hawaiian Massage, Hawaiian Shamanism and Hula throughout the world, especially in Europe. Check the Activity Hut for her schedule and contact her by the information given below.

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