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Silent Healing
by Serge Kahili King

Healing of any kind is usually thought of as a physical interaction between a healer and a healee (my term for the person receivng the healing). Conventional healing involves the use of medicines in the form of processed chemicals or natural herbs; manipulating or fixing the physical body, or talk therapy of some kind. Unconventional healing, like acupuncture/acupressure, laying on of hands, or Reiki and other forms of what is called "energy" healing also require that the healer be present with the healee.

A major exception to this is healing by prayer, whereby someone at a distance from the healee calls upon a diety or a spirit figure to intervene and do the healing.

The wonderful thing is that all of these are often successful. What I'm about to discuss is not a replacement for any of them. Instead, I want to describe three ways to help others directly without physical presence or spiritual intervention that are also often successful.

Silent Praise

One of the most powerful silent healing techniques for assisting the healing of physical, emotional and mental problems is so simple it's almost laughable. It consists of silently complimenting someone, no matter how near or far, for having some quality or behavior that you can honestly admire or appreciate, and doing this as frequently as you think of them.

The idea is based on the assumption that your Ku, or Bodymind, loves to be loved, and that when it feels loved, it relaxes, and the relaxation eases tensions that cause the problems. It also uses the assumption that the Lono--Conscious Mind--of most people finds compliments, especially a lot of compliments, hard to accept. We call this the "Analytical Barrier," and we bypass it by going directly to the Ku.

An important point is that you must believe the compliment to be true. It doesn't work if you are complimenting without believing it, because the Bodymind of the other person knows the difference.In doing this, there is a hidden benefit for you, because yourBodymind takes any honest compliment personally and this helps you to relax as well.

Auric Resonance

Everyone has an aura, a personal energy field that is weak or strong at any given moment depending on your emotional state and/or how present you are. When a person is strongly emotional and very present, we say that person has a lot of charisma, meaning "a compelling attractiveness."

In a recent workshop I tested a new demonstration and it was highly successful. I had two students stand in front of the class, back to back and about a foot apart. First, I asked them to think of something they didn't like--anything--and give it some emotionaly feeling. The rest of the class could see that their bodies unconsciously moved away from each other, like magnets repelling each other. Then I asked them to drop that, be present for a moment, and then think of something they liked very much, with emotional. It really was a delight to see their bodies unconsciously moving toward each other, like magnets attracting.

As a technique, using the assumption that distance doesn't matter, you think of someone to establish a conscious connection, and then you think of something fun, enjoyable, or beautiful with as much positive emotion as you can put into it. This helps you feel good, and helps the other person feel good, too, by resonance. Twenty to thirty seconds is fine, but you can try it for a minute if you want to.

A Gift From Above

For this one, you imagine a bubble above the head of someone you want to help. First, you ask the bubble to give you a symbol or a scene that represents the person's problem. You don't even have to know what it is. You accept whatever appears, whether it is a color, an object, or a full-blown scene. Then, with your imagination, you change the color, transform the object, or modify the scene till it looks good and feels good to you. That's it. That's your gift. It's up the person how he or she uses it. Again, twenty to thirty seconds or more if you want to.

I've used this many times with great success. In one case, the scene I got was a desert, so I brought rain, had flowers grow, had the sun come out and birds and butterflies start flying around... I was having a great time... and the person used this somehow to change behavior in a positive way.


Some people believe that you should not try and help someone at a distance without their permission, so here are three ways to do that.

Practical: If you believe it's necessary, ask physical permission.
Logical: Since this is a telepathic form of healing, ask telepathic permission and trust your response.
Sensible: This is what I use, but I'm not saying it's the best way, just my way. There are billions of people on the planet with billions of problems, so if I become aware of one person's problem, I interpret that as a request for help. sometimes there can be a problem in my own family that I never hear about, so I work with what comes into my awareness.

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