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On Self-Mastery
by Serge Kahili King

In one of our brochures, the third goal of Huna International was listed as being “To provide the means for individuals to attain self-mastery.” This sounds very well and good, but it means nothing until we have defined what we mean by “self-mastery.""

There are connotations to the word “mastery” that may lead some people to wrong conclusions. If this word is taken in its sense of controlling or ruling, or exercising power over someone or something, then it is easy to imagine a kind of relationship in which we use our will to browbeat our “self” into submission, put a leash on our emotions, and forcibly repress all our bad habits and tendencies.

Such a course will unerringly lead to catastrophe. Mastery of this kind is nothing more than an ego trip based on a false premise. The false premise, of course, is that a person or thing can be beneficially controlled through the use of direct or implied force. Oh, it is possible to suppress and repress with force, but this results in a neurotic self, just as it does in a neurotic society. Sooner or later, that which is held in check through force of will is going to explode in destructive fury. Self-mastery of this type is closer akin to slow suicide.

When we speak of self-mastery, we are using mastery in its sense of having the ability to apply expert skill and knowledge. With respect to the self, this means having the knowledge and skill to properly direct the tremendous energies and talents of the self. It must of necessity include an understanding of yourself as a functioning entity in relation to the rest of the universe. This is self-mastery of the highest type: Knowing what you are, who you are, why you are, and where you are going; and also knowing how to get there.

The last sentence above defines the individual goal. The goal of Huna International, then, is to provide road maps, guidebooks, compasses, walking sticks, and protective clothing to individual men and women trodding their individual paths of Life.

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