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How To Increase Your Energy
by Serge Kahili King

This is from a handout for a workshop I did in 1990 called “Seven Ways To Increase Energy” It was based on using the four elements of Fire, Water, Wind and Stone in combination with the Huna Principles. Since this was a handout, it is only an outline, so I will fill it in with my present day comments.

1. BE AWARE of energy:
Fire Energy - move it upward;
Water Energy - move it downward;
Wind Energy - move it outward;
Stone Energy - move it inward.

[Comment: Be aware of your own energy field that fills you and surrounds you. Think of it as your aura, if you like, and move it with will and imagination. Depending on what you are using it for, you can move it as described above. The elements serve as symbols to help you focus.]

2. BE FREE of resistance:
Use Fire (excitement) to counter fear;
Use Water (enjoyment) to counter anger;
Use Wind (activity) to counter depression;
Use Stone (stillness) to counter control.

[Comment: This one is pretty self evident.]

3. BE FOCUSED on effects:
Use Fire-breathing for Transformation;
Use Water-breathing for Cultivation;
Use Wind-breathing for Motivation;
Use Stone-breathiing for Concentration.

[Comment: Elemental breathing may seem weird at first, but it really means to feel excitement as you breathe when you are engaged in changing something, mentally or physically; feel enjoyment as you breathe when you intend to make something grow, again mentally or physically; actively think of movement or actually move your body (like jumping up and down or dancing) as you breathe when you want to get motivated; and practice mental and physical calmness as you breathe when you want to concentrate on something.]

4. BE HERE in the energized present:
Feel the energy of Fire;
Feel the energy of Water;
Feel the energy of Wind;
Feel the energy of Stone.

[Comment: Feeling the energy of an element for a minute or less can actually amplify your own energy, because of its tendency to reduce tension. Fire energy is in the heat of the sun or a flame; Water energy is in the flow of rain or a shower or even a faucet; Wind energy is felt in the sensation of wind on your body or by the sight of wind moving leaves or clouds or a windmill; Stone energy is felt most easily from crystals or the tips and edges of seashells.]

5. BE LOVING by helping:
Use the energy of your hands to Stimulate (Fire);
Use the energy of your hands to Relax (Water);
Use the energy of your hands to Activate (Wind);
Use the energy of your hands to Strengthen (Stone).

[Comment: This is related to the use of hands-on healing, massage and the technique I teach called “Kahi Loa.” So you modify your intention to what the need seems to be for the other person.]

6. BE SURE of your authority:
Tell Fire Energy what to do;
Tell Water Energy what to do;
Tell Wind Energy what to do;
Tell Stone Energy what to do;

[Comment: The idea here is that everything is alive, aware and responsive, including the elements.]

7. BE CREATIVE with your energy:
Pick a purpose and draw arrows upward (Fire);
Pick a purpose and draw arrows downward (Water);
Pick a purpose and draw arrows outward (Wind);
Pick a purpose and draw arrows inward (Stone).

[Comment: For this you write out a purpose or use a symbol like a photo or an object to represent it and put it on a sheet of paper. Then you draw arrows around it as noted to amplify the power of the intention.]

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