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by Katherine Penberthy 10.07.2022

I’m in the in between time
The liminal space
Between in breath and out breath
The pause

The no thing
The still point
Neither here nor there

The space between the comma and the next word
The apostrophe with no s
A time of crisis before opportunity
Letting go before holding on

A rich nothingness
A mystery, my story
The unknown

A step into the darkness
The abyss
Or the light
and firm footing on the other side

Untethered hope of possibility
Floating in the direction
Of unknown destination

A pause, some hope, some despair
Turning of the page
Blank Page in front
What do I write?

Dare I mark the blank page?
What if it’s wrong or right?
How do I know what to write?

Trust, who, what ,where?
To step into the mystery
To do the dance aware

Not self-conscious
Alone …….
All one.

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